The Audacity of Hope

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Last week I had the pleasure to interview Celina de Sola, co-founder Glasswing International. This was a really inspirational conversation. Celina shared many stories and anecdotes. She invites us to believe in the power of transformational processes !

"No one is born violent! We are just the result of our stories and environment! She believes that any trauma can be healed through a dignified journey of togetherness!" - Celina De Sola

It makes me wonder! What if school was a place of caring!? What if school was a space of togetherness? What if school was a space of healing? There is something magical about hope! There is something fascinating about daring to try even when it all seems so dark. In these times we are living, daring to believe might be the definition of courage!

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