As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a doctor. I was dreaming of traveling the world to heal people. Life happened with its up and down. Along the way, my goals might have changed but my life purpose stayed the same. I am passionate about helping people to become who they truly are.















I am obsessed with championing heroes of change. I believe in the interconnectedness and the power of the community. As a learning experience designer I focus on creating deep human transformative experiences.  Time and time again, I have seen the magic of human connections operate successfully.  




I teach to spark vocations. I teach to help the students to become who they truly are. I remember my first day of teaching in France. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My main purpose was to offer the students a meaningful learning experience.




As a student, my experience of school had been terrible! I was bored most of the time. There was no real connection with most of the teachers. The content was very theoretical and not very experiential. I was that type of student who needed action, who needed to be challenged and entertained somehow. Before embarking on a teaching journey, I promised myself that I would offer my students everything that I wasn’t given as a student. 

I used my experience as an entrepreneur. I decided to create a “start-up” like atmosphere in the classroom. I wanted my students to experiment, to try, fail, try again. More than just teaching my mission was to mentor, to coach. I wanted them to use their talent and their creativity. I wanted the course to be connected with the entrepreneurial world. I built partnerships with fab-labs, incubators, startups...etc.


















I was able to relocate many classes with these new partners. Instead of an isolated classroom I built an ecosystem. Living in nine different countries enriched my vision. I believe in interconnectedness and the power of the community. Over the years I have applied the Ubuntu way of living in the classroom. I imagined it as an African village where students are able to experience deep human transformative experiences.  Time and time again, I have seen the magic of human connections operate successfully. I am here to help them to be heroes of change.

I believe that school should be a space of creation and imagination. The purpose of school must be social change and bettering the society. Students must be empowered to be changemakers and to contribute to the transformation of our world.




















I believe that my mission as an educator create the safe space for the individuals to grow to their full potential. I am currently working on developing a research framework that connects the principles of Ubuntu with playful meaning transformative learning experiences for students.















It aims at not only  teaching them to connect to themselves and each others, but to the world as well and to be true global citizens.

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Professional Summary

Steven Asei-Dantoni is a lecturer and  international consultant in the field of  innovation. He has managed projects in the international development field collaborating with organisations such as UNICEF. His work focuses primarily on applying “Play-based learning” to improve educational experiences. Steven has also guest lectured on the subject in France, South Africa, Denmark and the Netherlands. His teaching modules have included the following subjects: leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. In 2016, he was selected to speak at TEDx Bordeaux to provide insight as to how redesigning the classroom experience can assist in solving social problems such as youth violence.




In France, Steven worked with municipalities where he applied design thinking and innovation to solve complex problems in the school ecosystem. He co-designed solutions for teachers to be more creative and innovative. Steven is currently a research assistant at the  International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition, he is a guest lecturer at Leiden University. Steven holds a Master of Arts in Geopolitics and International Relations, and a Bachelor (Hons) of Business Management and Finance.